Zakia Jafri’s Plea ChallengingΒ  SIT dismissed by SC:Gujarat Genocide.

The Supreme Court of India dismissed the plea by Zakia Jafri, widow of former congress MP Ehsan Jafri, challenging the clean chit givern by the Special Investigations Team to then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.Β  The final Special Investigations Report came out in 2012 which cited Narendra Modi to be innocent of having any role in the anti-muslim pogrom. An initial plea filed by Zakia Jafri questions the validity of the investigative report. She also filed a petition in 2018 following the Gujarat High Court’s rejection of her plea on October 5, 2017.

The Court said said that β€œno fault can be found with the approach of the SIT in submitting the final report…which is backed by firm logic, expositing analytical mind and dealing with all aspects objectively for discarding the allegations regarding larger criminal conspiracy (at the highest level) for causing and precipitating mass violence across the state against the minority community during the relevant period”.Β  The SIT also commented on the nature of investigation by adding how all evidences failed to corroborate Narendra Modi as a vital link in the anti muslim Pogrom.

The Gujarat Riots happened a day after 58 people died when the Sabarmati express carrying hundreds of Karsevaks was set on fire on February 27,2002. This incident sparked minor clashes among communities at first but was quick to gain momentum where Hindu mobs became extremely violent to muslims and other minority groups. The Communal riots claimed the life of former MP Ehsaan Jafri at the hands of a Hindu Mob.

Survivors of the massacre along with Zakia Jafri were quick to point out Governmental complacency regarding the massacres. Complaint started pouring in about how Hindu mobs had voter id details alongside residential details of muslim community leaders and residents which could only have been supplied by people with administrative capabilities. The Supreme Court setup the Special Investigations Team to investigate the nature of the allegations raised byΒ  Zakia Jafri and other survivors.

The SIT submitted it’s final report on 2012 citing there were no prosecutable evidence against Narendra Modi . Zakia Jafri had also filed charges against falsified claims. The bench dismissed theΒ  whole petition due to the lack of credible evidences that support the allegations that points to Modi being involved.

The court said β€œthere is no material worth the name to even create a suspicion… indicative of the meeting of the minds of all concerned at some level; and in particular, the bureaucrats, politicians, public prosecutors, VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal or the members of the State political establishment β€” for hatching a larger criminal conspiracy at the highest level to cause and precipitate mass violence against the minority community…” The Gujarat Riots have always shadowed Modi but this verdict clears him of any lingering shadows. The 82 year old has been fighting the legal battle against Modi and 63 others .

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