You are an Indian citizen even if you do not belong to India

Union minister Amit Shah visited a recent rally in Kolkata. He said he is planning to implement the CAA once again after the pandemic. The government passed the CAA in the year 2019. The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) provides for minority communities who entered India before 2014 to receive Citizenship. The act also has certain obligations such as the minorities should have been pushed away based on religious differences. These minorities include minorities from other countries surrounding India.

After the implementation of the CAA riots and protests started out in multiple places and people were against it. Two reasons caused the protests.. People were partly disappointed that the Muslims from the neighboring states such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh were not included in the bill. The reason behind this is that the bill caters only to the minorities in these states. The minority religion in all of these countries are not the Muslims, as Muslims acquire the majority in these states. The second reason behind the protests was that the north eastern people were disappointed with the idea that immigrants could now enter their territory as part of the country itself.

After the implementation of the CAA, the government did not take any initiatives to look after its implementation. In a recent rally in Kolkata, Union Minister Amit Shah promised to keep up the implementation of the CAA after the pandemic ends. As a reaction to this statement, Mamata Bannerjee, the CM of Bengal said it is a part of a plan and that the government cannot keep their promise. The President passed the bill and so the bill is now an act.Β Β  India has to wait and watch to see if they will implement the CAA despite the riots.

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