The London Bridge has fallen down

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest living monarch of the Great Britain died at the age of 96. She recently celebrated 70 years of her reign. Entire Britain is observing a state of mourning and further procedures including her funeral are being discussed. The royal army had a 96 gunshot salute for the late queen according to the years she lived. As a ritual, the flag has been raised to half-mast until the queen’s funeral is held. Leaders of other countries also gave their condolences and India is observing a one-day state mourning on 11th September avoiding any celebrations.

Prince Charles, the queen’s eldest son has been made king at the age of 73. His second wife Camilla, has been termed the Queen Consort. Meanwhile his son William and his wife Kate are the next legal heir couple to the throne. All the grandchildren of King Charles are termed as Prince and Princess. All of these changes happened once the death of Queen Elizabeth II was announced. The citizens of the Great Britain are worried about their rule as the queen ruled for 70 years, and now a change of rule by King Charles will cause a lot of confusion.

King Charles along with his wife
King Charles along with his wife

Popularity of Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen was popular throughout the world and had a good camaraderie with leaders of other countries. She ruled from 1952 until her death in 2022, which is the longest reign of a queen. She married King Philip, who died in 2021. Queen Elizabeth II is succeeded by four children- Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward. Their children William, Harry, Beatrice, Eugenie, Zara, Peter, Louise, James and Viscount are all popularly known as a part of the British royal family.

The popularity of the queen is so much that, many people recreated her character for tv shows and movies. She was also in the limelight during the death of her eldest daughter-in-law, Princess Diana in 1997. Britain expected the queen to live until her 100th year, but the queen couldn’t make it to the last four years. It is a royal tradition to announce the death of a royal family member using codes, and the code for Queen Elizabeth II was London Bridge. Therefore the London Bridge has fallen down on the 8th of September. Β Β 

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