Series 2 of milestones in medical science..

Who was Diocles?

Dioclesof Carystus was a Greek

physician who was regarded in the antiquity as second only to Hippocrates. He is believed to have lived in the first half of the 4th century BC . Diocles probably learned his trade from his father , who was a physician, for medicine in those times was a craft that was often passed from father to son .

He wrote several medical works , including the first separate treatise on anatomy. Diocles collected a large

number of herbs and poisons , and went into great detail specifying their qualities and powers.

His best β€“ known contributions to medicine are in the area of practical medicine, diet , nutrition and hygiene. Diocles also played a key role in ancient times in the development of dissection and anatomical research.

Why is Herophilos a legend in medicine?

Herophilos began practicing medicine in the city of Alexan β€“ dria around the second century BC . He recognised as the first person to perform systematic dissection of human body , despite the taboos the prevailed at the time.

Herophilos has made phenomenal anatomical observations of the human body which have contributed significantly towards the understanding of the brain, eye, liver , reproductive organs, and nervous system.

He was also the earliest person to carry out the first known autopsies for characterizing the cause of disease . Herophilos penned at least eleven treatise, which

unfortunately, were lost during the great fire in the Library of Alexandria , where his works were stored.

However, his anatomical knowledge has been passed down through the generations, providing an important role in understanding the structure and working of our bodies.

Why are the contributions of Pedanius Dioscorides milestones in medical science?

Pedanius Dioscorides was a physician who lived about two thousand years ago . He travelled throughout the Roman Empire with Emperor Nero’s army , and collected samples of local medicinal herbs everywhere he went . He turned his passion for plants and other medicinal substance into monumental reference work on herbs and pharmacology.

Pedanius Dioscorides wrote a series of books called β€˜De Materia Medica’ – five books in one volume. Over 600 remedies are described, and about a fifth of them are still considered to be effective.

Although he wrote his book in Greek it was quickly translated into Latin, and subsequently, into other languages .

The work of Pedanius Dioscorides remained the prime authority on herbs and other medicinal substances in the West, and all over the world, for over 1500 years.

Star fact of second series

Erasistratus : Erasistratus was well known physician who worked with Herophilos. Together, they contributed considerably to medical investigations and teaching in Alexandria. While Herophilos was very talented in describing human anatomy.

Erasistratus contributed to physiology and functional anatomy.

Amazing fact

Fluid Balance: According to the ancient Greeks , the body was composed of four fluids, which corresponded to the four elements. The Greeks belived that a person fell ill when balance between the fluids was distributed.

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