School girls engage in a fight on St.Mark’s road

Girls of Bishop Cotton’s in Bengaluru engaged in a fight on St.Mark’s road last Tuesday. In a video that went viral two groups of girls are seeing fighting with each other. One group of girls were identified as Bishop Cotton’s girls with their uniform. Another group of girls were unidentified as they were in colour dress but are reported to be from a neighbouring school. The video also showed the two groups of students arguing initially which later turned into a fight. Students were cheering and hooting for them.

The course of the fight

Students in front of Bishop’s who were around the school during the fight shared videos of the fight which later became viral. The group of girls initially started arguing in front of the school. There were at least 4 girls on either side. There were also boys from neighbouring schools around the vicinity. While the girls were arguing, the video also showed people in the background cheering them to fight. One of the boys recording the video names the students involved in the scene. As the argument intensifies, a girl is seen getting a baseball bat from a few boys in the side.

A group of boys then come and talk to the girls and try to take their baseball bats back. When one baseball bat was returned, a girl from the unidentified group tries to take the other bat away and the fight starts. The girls were seen pulling each other’s hair, kicking and stepping on each other. The fight was so hard that girl was also seen in the video bleeding from her nose. She was pushed near a railing where she hit her nose that started bleeding. A girl was also seen dragged by two Bishop Cotton’s girls down the stairs. The fight continued for over a minute and few outsiders are seen to have stopped the fight.

Girls fighting outside Bishop Cottons
The girls of Bishop Cottons fighting on the street

The reason behind the fight is unknown but news surfaced on social media that the fight was regarding a boy from a neighbouring school. The boy said to be the reason behind the fight is also seen in the video. He tries to get his baseball bat back and talking to few girls. He was identified as Arham. The school has not given any intimation regarding further action but reportedly they are to conduct meetings with the parents of the students involved.

However entertaining this video has turned out on social media, engaging in such fights is immoral. The students of the own school were seeing cheering for them instead of stopping the fight. The school authorities are to take strict action on these students to avoid such incidents in the future.

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