Ranveer Singh- The game changer of nudity

Ranveer Singh, in a recent photo shoot posted photos of himself baring it all. This photo shoot caused a lot of controversy as well received applause for his bold step. He posted on instagram a set of photos of himself nude, which was the reason behind the controversy. Ranveer Singh had a case filed against him for public display of obscenity. Previously, many other actors have also been a subject to such controversies with nude photoshoots. Actor, athlete Milind Soman was also accused of obscenity twice. They were in an ad and recently when he ran by the beach nude.

Few of Ranveer Singh’s colleagues have come in support of him. As for the public, people of the younger generations have applauded his photos. It also brought to light the whole concept of β€˜nudity’. The younger generation do not find anything wrong in posing nude for photographs. Infact are now inspired through Ranveer Singh’s photo shoots. A South Indian actor Vishnu Vishal also posted a picture of himself under the sheets on Instagram, following the trend. Trolls reached him too and he was targeted for his picture. He clarified that he only did it because he felt like it and not to join the controversy.

One of the images from his photoshoot

Influence of nude photographs on youngsters

The influence that these photographs have on the younger audience is quite large. A large number of people came in support of the slogan β€˜Nudity doesn’t mean sexuality’. There were also groups of people who opened up about how they have a group specifically to practice only nudity. They operate in a secular place where a closed group of people enjoy being nude by themselves without any judgemental eyes. Few of these group admins also said that there was a certain criteria for these people to join a nudity group and that this practice has been on for quite some time. Even nude photography as a profession has started becoming popular where photographers only click pictures of nude muses.

The change that Ranveer Singh has brought in the country about β€˜Nudity’ is a bold move and many people are now taking it as a lifestyle. Inspired by the game changer, one day nudity might just become a common lifestyle to practice.

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