Political Parties: Disturbance or Support to the public?

Political rallies for the CPIM party

India being a country for the secular nature that it is, is home to many political parties. BJP, Congress, AAP and CPIM are the most popular parties. Each of these parties run in their own agenda with their set of rules. The ruling party, the opposition and many other minor parties together are a part of the parliament. However they work independently of each other and sometimes the competition in the parties becomes fierce. In states like Karnataka, recently there was a change in the ruling government as Yediyurappa resigned and Bommai took over. Similarly in Tamil Nadu, in 2016 after then chief minister Jayalalitha passed away, three other leaders took over as chief minister.

The current chief minister of Tamil Nadu, MK Stalin, leader of DMK party, recently visited Coimbatore for an infrastructure meeting. Members of the DMK party filled the airport said an airport staff. The next day E. Palaniswamy, leader of the AIADMK party also visited Coimbatore and their party members were seen in and around the airport with the party flags and posters. They also had a musical band and a live stream on their facebook page. The crowd dispersed after Palaniswamy arrived at the airport.

Reason behind political rallying

When such incidents of political overcrowding happens, it causes a disturbance to general public. In such a situation, if there is crowd in and around the airport, other travel passengers are affected unless they are given an easy way to reach their destination. Also in India, we have a culture of worshipping our idols including actors and actresses. While we do all of this as a personal interest, one doesn’t look at the amount of disturbance it causes. The reason behind all these political rallying,

β€œRallies are mostly for a good cause, and I would like to help people as a social worker.”

An active political worker said

If they are really meant to help people, then it should also be carried out in a way that benefits people. Once people and the political workers decide a common mode of understanding the commotion regarding their rallies will change from a disturbance to benefits.

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