One lakh trees the reason behind the scorching heat

Bengaluru popularly known as the garden city was once a cool place. It is the summer of 2022 and the residents of the city are finding it difficult to handle the heat. Scientists claim that global warming is the reason behind the heat, what is the real reason? If not global warming what could be the real reason behind it? What if I tell you, trees are the reason behind the increase in temperature? Bengaluru city has been facing severe heat waves for the past two months when summer started early. As the city gears up for summer one has to also note that the number of trees has reduced. In the past 5 years more than one lakh trees were cut and this could be a cause for the increase in temperature.

According to a survey more than one lakh trees are cut in the city from the year 2018 to 2021. Scientifically, trees reduce the temperature of a place through its photosynthesis process. These buildings and the ongoing metro station replace the one lakh trees that are cut. The trees of Bengaluru are sacrificed for the city’s development. The highest temperature recorded this year was 37.2 degrees on March 31st. The highest in the last four years. The sole reason behind this temperature increase is the cutting down of trees in large numbers.

Trees cut in Bengaluru

What we can do to adjust through this summer

The only solution to our problem is to plant more trees throughout the city. By planting trees we can again help the society become cooler. It can also regain the beautiful landscape. Global warming isn’t the real reason behind the heat, it is just an additional reason. It is only the end of April, and the residents of Bengaluru are searching for ways to keep themselves cool. As swimming pools are open again, it serves as a form of entertainment apart from helping to beat the heat. Drinking water and keeping oneself hydrated throughout the day helps stay cool.

Whether it is the trees or global warming, sacrificing trees for development backfires on the people themselves. Students find it difficult to sustain through college hours in this heat. One lakh trees are cut in the city from the year 2018 to 2021 to make high rise buildings and even working individuals find it difficult to withstand the heat. Modifying the famous saying,” Keep calm and walk through the summer”.  

If trees can save us from the summer heat, it is time we plant more trees to save ourselves. We have lost the treasure of one lakh trees and the only way to replace them is to replant them. If the number of trees continues to reduce in the city, 37.2 degrees may even go up-to 39 degrees. Temperatures above 39 are dangerous to life, stopping the rise in temperature at an earlier stage makes the earth a better place to live in.

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