Nineteen dead after mass shooting in a Texas school

A school in Texas lost nineteen of their children after a mass shoot. Robb elementary school in Texas, where the mass shoot occurred lost 19 students and two teachers. The shoot happened on the 24th May at around 11:30 am. The nineteen students who died were in the age group of 9 to 10 years. The shoot at the elementary school was pre planned and that the gunman had informed about his plans said few sources. Salvador Ramos, an 18 year old has been identified as gunman or the person who started the shoot.

Salvador Ramos, a student at Texas who recently turned 18 is responsible for the mass shoot at the Robb elementary school. He procured guns and ammunition from a store as soon as he turned 18. His friends from school said they identified different behavior with Ramos and that he always mentioned about shooting. On the day of the incident Ramos also posted on Instagram that he shot his grandmother earlier that day. A graduation was happening at the time while the shoot occurred said few sources near the school.

Around 1 pm, the police force shot the gunman dead. Parents rushed outside the school waiting for the police to enter the school. The police delayed getting into the school as they were worried about Ramos hurting the children. Videos started circulating of parents crying and screaming outside the school. They were also ready to barge into school instead of the police. This incident came as a shock to the people of Texas as it was one of a kind.

Similar shooting incidents

Texas has the highest records of school shootings in the past 10 years. It has reported incidents of shooting in school even though no casualities are found. Following Texas are California, Illinois, Florida and Pennsylvania in the highest number of shoots. The United States of America sees a record number of shooting cases that not only includes school premises but also other locations. The only way to stop the killing of innocent children and people is if The US can come up with stricter gun laws meant for the public.

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