NCERT Drops Gujarat Riots from Political Science Textbook Class 12 to β€œlighten the load”.

On Thursday June 16 , NCERT released a note stating that class 12 political science textbook pages 187-189 on the Gujarat riots will be withdrawn. They claimed it was part of the rationalization process. They said in a notice β€œThe content of the textbooks has been rationalised for various reasons, including overlapping with similar content in other subject areas in the same class, similar content included in the lower or higher classes on the same subject β€œ.

NCERT declared that it’s also intended to lighten the students’ load in view of Covid pandemic and that the content is irrelevant in the present context.Β 

A paragraph taken from the chapter on Gujarat riots, β€œGujarat riots show that the Government machinery also becomes susceptible to sectarian passions. Instances like in Gujarat alert us to dangers involved in using religious sentiments for political purposes. This poses a threat to the Democratic politics” is to be removed, reported The Indian Express. A quote from the Ex Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in reference to the Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi,Β  β€œOne message to the Chief Minister is that he should follow Raj Dharma, a ruler should not make any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed and religion” will also be removed from the textbook as per the NCERT.Β 

In its notification β€œThe National Educational Policy 2020, also emphasizes reducing the content load and providing opportunities for experiential learning with a creative mindset. In this background, the NCERT has undertaken the exercise to rationalise the textbooks across all classes”.

Many other topics have also been removed or in the process of removal such as the Naxalite Movement (Page 105), Controversies regarding Emergency (page 113-117),Industrial revolution, Cold war, pages on Mughal emperors: Major campaigns and events and references to Dalit writer Omprakash Valmiki have been removed. Verses of poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz β€œReligion Communalism and Politics” has also been removed.Β 

The government curating syllabus to suit the ruling regime is pure fascist methodism. To subtly spread propaganda into the young minds without offering the chance to choose between right and wrong is one of the most heinous acts a governmental body can do. Educational syllabuses should undergo reforms and revisions but that should be to update scientific facts and figures, not for omission and distortion of historical accounts.The present democracy is slowly losing its clutches from everywhere including justice system, politics, human rights and now even our educational system.Β 

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