Metabolic syndrome is linked to poor health outcomes in individuals with renal disease, according to a new study.

Metabolic Syndrome
woman with kidney disease on the blue background
Metabolic Syndrome Is Linked To Poor Health Outcomes In Individuals With Renal Disease, According To A New Study.
JIM Graphical Abstract. Credit: JIM Graphical Abstract

A research published in the Journal of Internal Medicine revealed that individuals with mild chronic renal disease have a significant incidence of metabolic syndrome, which raises their risk of early mortality and cardiovascular issues.

In Germany, 64.3 percent of 5,110 people with chronic renal disease also had metabolic syndrome. 605 individuals died and 650 had significant cardiovascular events throughout the 6.5-year follow-up period (such as heart attacks and strokes). Patients with syndrome had a 26% higher chance of dying and a 48% higher chance of having a heart attack or stroke. A rising number of metabolic syndrome components, such as higher waist circumference, blood sugar levels, triglycerides, and blood pressure, as well as lower HDL cholesterol, enhanced the risk.

woman with kidney disease on the blue background

“While our study revealed an alarmingly high prevalence of metabolic syndrome in this high-risk patient group, there is a motivating message for our patients: each syndrome component avoided could significantly reduce the risk of a cardiovascular endpoint or premature death,” said senior author Florian Kronenberg, MD, of the Medical University of Innsbruck in Austria.


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