Kshama Bindhu: The girl who married herself

Kshama Bindhu, a Gujarat girl is popular and on the headlines as she announced that she was marrying herself. She is 24 years old and she said she didn’t believe in marriages. She decided to marry herself as she loves herself more than anyone and that there is no greater feeling than marrying oneself, she said when approached by media. For this decision of hers she has constantly been on the media for the last few weeks. Kshama married herself on June 8 at her home in Vadodara.

Kshama Bindu along with her friends during her haldi
Kshama Bindu along with her friends during her haldi

While sharing her announcement, the date of her solo wedding was decided to be on June 11th, but due to the multiple protests that began after her announcement, the temple where she was supposed to get married cancelled her booking. This led to her preponing her wedding three days earlier. Videos surfaced online of her tying the mangalsutra to herself at her home. She also shared pictures on her social media off her mehendi and haldi functions with friends and family. She is also said to be on a honeymoon with herself in Goa. Such a wedding is known as sologamy and is yet to be legalized in India.

What is sologamy?

Sologamy is to marry oneself. This is done when a person wants to emphasize on self-love. Sologamy is yet to be legalized and is not favoured by the people. The first case of Sologamy was reported in the year 1993 in The US. A case of sologamy divorce has also been registered.

Kshama Bindhu indulged in India’s first sologamy marriage. However she received a lot of hatred for her decision. Despite all of this she managed to marry herself earlier along with her friends and family. She had mentioned that she is doing this to inspire queer people to take the plunge. Sologamy has become popular after this incident and there’s no surprise if more people take up to this form of marriage.

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