Killers that cannot be arrested

Bengaluru has been in the headlines and trending on twitter for multiple reasons in the past week. One of those reasons, captivated the audience’ attention with the headlines β€˜Serial killers in Bengaluru’. These serial killers unlike what people may think are not physical people, but rather a term given to the potholes on the roads. They are a constant threat to human life, and no action can be taken on potholes for their careless behavior. In the past week, one injured and one death occurred in the city due to the potholes. Videos of these incidents have surfaced online and netizens stood in support of the injured and deceased person.

Over 100 cases have been filed regarding potholes in the last 10 years. Even newspapers have been covering atleast one complaint regarding potholes on an everyday basis. Citizens belonging to a particular area have also complained about the potholes to the BBMP, but there seems to be no action taken against these complaints. According to a survey, more than 847 km of roads are identified to have potholes in Bengaluru. During the rains that are issuing yellow alerts in the city now, it is even dangerous to be on the roads.

Maximum account of accidents on the road also happen due to a pothole or trying to avoid it, followed by sleep driving. Who can be held responsible for these? Even after the complaints are being filed, there is no action by the BBMP. Once the roads are laid, the poor maintenance help the potholes to resurface. The term β€˜serial killer’ has been rightly given to the potholes, because they are a continuous source of deaths and people can’t avoid them irrespective of how careful they are. Major areas in Bengaluru that potholes are present are, Old Madras Road, Bannerghatta Road, Indiranagar, HAL Road, Mysuru Road, Yeshwanthpur, Tumkur Road, Malleshwaram and Outer ring road.

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