Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s infamous trial

Popular celebrity couple Johnny Depp and Amber heard who wedded each other in 2015, filed for divorce a year later. They filed for divorce in January 2017 after Heard complained of abuse. Later in 2019, Depp filed a suit against his ex-wife saying she defamed him by complaining against him for abuse. The suit was filed was for $50 million. Heard placed a subsequent suit against Depp for $100 million. Since then the former couple have been attending multiple court trials. These court trials have seen ample proof but the jury is still unable to come up with a judgement against the abuse.

The journey of the trials

It’s been three weeks since the trials started and it has been nothing short of a circus. The former couple have been defending themselves from one another’s accusations. Depp complained of his finger once been severed when Amber through a bottle on him. This was proved by Depp’s doctor and picture proof showed him with a hurt finger. Contradicting this Amber began crying in court and said she was sexually harassed with a bottle by Depp.

She also showed pictures to prove her stand of being bruised and abused. Another atrocious accusation was that Heard had disposed human faeces on the bed and this claim was supported by their servant. Heard’s doctor also reported that she had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder as claimed by Johnny Depp. Borderline personality disorder is characterized by the feeling of a person to seek attention and has an issue with self-esteem. Her doctors claimed that Amber was prone to this disorder since childhood and that sometimes people diagnosed with this disorder find it difficult to maintain relations.

The public and many celebrities from the Hollywood industry are in support of Johnny, including Amber’s parents. Even Elon Musk, Amber’s ex-boyfriend refused to testify in court. Recently a video surfaced on the internet where fans were seeing giving away gifts to Johnny Depp at the court premises. The video also showed the people standing quiet when Amber Heard entered the court.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in court
A file picture of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in court

What’s next for Johnny and Amber Heard?

Johnny Depp popular for his role as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Carribean lost a prominent role in the series after Amber’s accusation. Similarly Amber Heard was last seen in Aquaman after she filed the law-suit. It is only the beginning of the trial and they are already losing their reputation and projects. The gain at the end of the case is either $50 million or $100 million, but fans are looking forward to see Johnny Depp again on screen. May justice prevail at the end of the case. Β 

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