Indigo under losses, staff go on a mass sick leave

Staff working in Indigo

Indigo Airlines recently had their staff take on a mass sick leave as the company is undergoing losses. They have recently been finding a lot of losses in the company and flights having issues among its passengers. Indigo provides for sick leave amidst its staff, cabin crew and pilots. Using this as an advantage the Indigo staff and other members went home on the basis of sick leave. They also petitioned the company for a salary hike. The airlines failed to agree to the demands of their staff. Indigo staff were seen attending interviews of other flights due to this.

Air India was recently taken over Tata, who also owns other airlines like Air Asia and Vistara aims to bring a change in the working of the airlines. They decided to remove senior employees working for the airline for over 20 years or so and instead replace them with youngsters. Air India aslo provided one year time for service of these previously working employess who could apply for voluntary retirement. As an unexpected number of people from the airline decided to retire from their job, Air India has sought interviews in different cities for recruitment of staff.

While a recruitment was taking place, Indigo staff were seen attending these interviews on context of sick leave in their own airline. This caused a rift between the managing authorities of both the airlines. The authorities under Indigo are looking into the matter as they have been India’s no 1 flying experts.

A file picture of an Indigo flight
An Indigo flight

Indigo has not only been undergoing losses but also many of Indigo flights have been stopped mid-air. This is due to snags and other technical faults as reported. The flights have undergone a transfer of destination and multiple other problems while flying and this has caused a sense of fear among the passengers. As they are one of the most popular domestic airlines, there is very little chance of the company to shut down. But it may take a while for the airlines to get back perfectly on the runway.

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