India’s first montessori on wheels

Montessori is a form of education for the children in the age group 3-7. India has many Montessori schools throughout the country. For the first time, India’s first Montessori on wheels in Bangalore. On Thursday the government along with the free thinking foundation launched the Montessori on wheels initiative. The event happened from 10am- 1pm at the BBMP office in Jayanagar.

The invited chief guests were the BBMP commissioner and an associate of Reliance, Mr. Anant. He started off the launch at 10 am. The first Montessori on wheels launch was very fast paced and organized. Mr. Anant visited the bus that holds the Montessori and appreciated the foundation and the government for this initiative. He also handed over t-shirts and school bags to the children on behalf of the free thinking foundation. Mr. Anant also viewed the materials that the teacher uses for the students through the new form of Montessori. The BBMP Commissioner later joined the launch and flagged off the first Montessori on wheels along with its students.

Students and teachers of the first Montessori on wheels
The bus that holds the first Montessori on wheels

β€œIt has been my dream to take Montessori to the Masses. The mission of the Montessori on Wheels initiative is to help children everywhere get an β€œEducation for Life” by making it accessible and affordable and this initiative in collaboration with BBMP, Bengaluru, helps me achieve that. I would like to thank the BBMP Commissioners for their support to make this vision a reality.”

Sandy Philip, Director of The Freethinking School and Trustee Freethinking Foundation

Future of the Montessori on Wheels

The Montessori on Wheels by the BBMP Karnataka and the freethinking foundation has first been introduced in Bengaluru. The initiative aims to provide free education to the under privileged and was made up during the pandemic. The foundation aims at introducing more such branches in Bangalore and throughout India. The Montessori on Wheels initiative and the dream of the Director of The freethinking foundation is being applauded by many.   

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