India receives its monsoon rains- Severe rainfall throughout the country

Monsoon in 2022 reached India late. The monsoon season that usually begins in the month of June, this time approached India early July. Heavy rains fill the roads in the Indian cities such as Delhi and Bengaluru. The weather is gloomy throughout the day and as it is difficult for people to make plans. The rain this monsoon is more of a continuous drizzle rather than a heavy rain. Certain states even declared holidays for schools and colleges when the rain became unbearable. However the monsoons started early in Assam causing a flood like situation in the state.

Citizens find it difficult to commute amidst this disrupting rain, β€œI end up getting drenched every day from work”- said a Bengaluru citizen. The rains are most likely to extend for quite some time according to certain weather reports. To protect oneself and stay cautious is the only way out of these monsoons. The time most likely for the rains to happen are 11 am, 2 pm, 5pm and 8pm in Bengaluru. Apart from Delhi and Bengaluru, other cities that are receiving high rainfall are Mumbai and parts of Kerala.

Monsoons in Bengaluru

Bengaluru is a city that always experiences extremes of seasons or weather conditions. During summers it’s extremely hot and during winter it’s extremely cold. The city still manages to maintain a favourable weather. During monsoons again, on a single day, it either never rains at all or keeps raining throughout the day. Unpredictability is one of the key features to identify Bengaluru weather.

Apart from Bengaluru, people living in other states in India also complain about its unpredictability. One must suit up accordingly every day to avoid the hassle of getting stuck in the rain. The rains are most likely to end in the month of September.

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