India celebrating her 75th Independence Day

This August 15th India celebrated her 75th Independence Day. It is for commemorating the years of struggle she underwent during the British rule. This celebration was titled as β€˜Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ meaning β€˜the celebration of freedom’. All over India, a logo for the celebration had been prevalent for few months now. It has been pasted on all government entities like stickers on trains, metro tokens etc. The government of India under PM Modi’s leadership was looking forward to a huge celebration especially as it happened after two years of the pandemic. Prime Minister Narendra Modi started a campaign as the first part of the celebrations.

β€˜Har ghar Tiranga’ was the campaign. As a part of the campaign Modi ji emphasized that every individual must own a flag at home and hoist it or display it from August 13th – 15th. They also released an anthem for the β€˜Har ghar Tiranga’ campaign. Along with this they asked the people to upload a selfie with their flag at home after which they would receive a certificate. Unexpectedly, there was a huge turnout for the campaign. Over 6 lakh people uploaded selfies and almost every house had displayed a flag. This marked a huge success in the campaign and the government said this would be impossible without the support of all our Indians.

75th Independence Day celebrations in Namma Bengaluru

Every year Bengaluru always hosts special celebrations on the occasion of Independence Day. This year, owing to the 75th year celebrations, Bengaluru made it bigger and better. A parade show that happens at Manekshaw parade ground every year, happened this year too with students and officers from the CRPF forces participating. The best parades won a prize and it was a spectacular show. Lalbagh, a popular hotspot in the city, hosts a bi-annual flower show every year on Republic day and Independence Day. After the pandemic, the flower show resumed this Independence Day with special sites for the sandalwood star, Late. Puneeth Rajkumar. The total number of people at the flower show crossed a record number since the previous years. This flower show was open to public from the beginning of August to 15th.

Lalbagh flower show on Independence day
Dr Rajkumar family at the Lalbagh flower show this year

As a mark of respect for Independence Day, and also celebrating 25 years of service, BMTC announced free bus rides throughout the day on August 15th. This day marked the highest number of ridership on all routes. A new addition to the Independence Day celebrations, that the city loved the most was the lighting up of Vidhan Soudha. The Vidhan Soudha and Mysore bank lit up in the tricolor which was a spectacular sight for the citizens to watch. People visited these places in crowds in the night only to capture few pictures and take off on a drive. Special rallies were also held since the week before Independence where people took off on their vehicles with flags spreading patriotism.

75th Independence day celebrations

On August 15th, flashmobs and two wheeler rallies were held on Commercial Street and outside Vidhan Soudha, to celebrate Independence Day with one prop in everyone’s hands- The Indian flag. Along with the whole city cheering, schools and housing societies also hoisted the flag, conducted cultural activities and distributed sweets. The celebrations were a grand success with even Indians abroad celebrating Independence Day. Few countries invited our Indian stars to grace the celebrations in their country. This 75th Independence Day showed us what Indians can do if we stay united- celebrate and live life. India is a country filled with cultures, and if the same energy remains while celebrating every other festival in our country, India can mark a place in our history. Jai hind!

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