Fifteen years later the metro construction is still on

Bangalore metro map

Bengaluru started its metro construction in the year 2007. Fifteen years later the metro construction still remains incomplete. Bengaluru adopted the construction of metro to make it a developed city and to ease commute for citizens. The initial plan of Bengaluru Metro was to cover the entire city including its outskirts limits. The first operating metro was launched in 2011 covering M G Road to Baiyapannahalli. This metro line was named as the purple metro line. Later it was extended to cover Kengeri to Baiyapannahalli with 23 stations in between. The metro green line was also inaugurated in 2014 which now covers Silk institute to Nagasandra.

Three more lines of metro are yet to be launched. The blue line, red line and the yellow line. The construction for these three lines started relatively recently in around 2017, 2016 and 2022 respectively. The red line’s construction is happening quite quickly say daily commuters through that route. Once the metro construction is completed it is a huge boon for the citizens to move from one place to another. However, the metro construction to cover the entire city is taking a little longer. It has been fifteen years and only 40% of the proposed construction has been completed. The reason for this delay include multiple reasons like a change in the contractor or delayed permissions.

The effect of the construction on the citizens

Metro construction
Red line metro under construction on Bannerghatta road

The main reason for the implementation of the metro is to reduce traffic jams but contrary to that the construction has been a cause for traffic jams. Bengaluru famous silk board traffic was usually the only place traffic would accumulate but now because of metro construction traffic is all over Bengaluru. Even though beneficial, metro has its own cons. The bigger problem of the construction is deforestation. Extension of roads for the construction led to cutting of trees. This cutting of trees further leads to environmental issues like climate change. There are even land owners who had to let go of their land for the construction. A citizen who lived in Austin town earlier said-

β€œThe construction of metro was getting so hectic that my children and I couldn’t bear it anymore. We had to shift from there because of the noise pollution”.

Even though it has been fifteen years, the construction is still incomplete. Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kochi are few other cities that have a working metro system. It will take another five years for Bengaluru to have a full-fledged metro and to add our city to this list. 

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