‘Droupadi is not my original name’ says the new president

Droupadi Murmu

Currently, Droupadi Murmu the 15th president of India. Today, Droupadi Murmu took the oath as the new President of India. Recently, the president told to an magazine that ‘Droupadi is not her original name’. Instead the name was changed by her teacher.

Droupadi is the first tribal leader to become the head. In an Interview, the president said that her real name is ‘Puti’ not Droupadi. It was her teacher who changed the name as ‘Droupadi’. Indeed Murmu added “The teacher did not like my previous name and changed it for good”. Along with it she said names do not die in santhali culture. “If a girl is born, she takes the name of her grandmother,while a son carries his grandfather’s nomenclature.”

Initially, her surname had ‘Tudu’ in school and colleges. After her marriage with Shyam Charan Tudu, a bank officer. Draopadi started to use the name as Murmu.

Meanwhile Murmu took oath on Monday as the president of India to preserve, protect and defend the constitution and the law. Whereas the ceremony was filled with the arrivals of the two presidents, the departing Ram Nath Kovind and the arriving Droupadi Murmu. Also, the procession held from Rastrapati Bhavan till the Parliament Building.

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