Doctor runs 3 km to save life

Inspirations in this world are many, one such inspiration is Dr.Govind Nandakumar. This doctor from Bangalore ran 3 km to his hospital to save a life. He is a gastroenterology surgeon and works for Manipal hospitals. One surgery day when he had to perform a gall bladder operation for a female patient. He found himself stuck in traffic on the Sarjapur-Maratahalli road. Finding no other option he abandoned his car and ran rest of the distance only to reach the hospital on time and complete the surgery successfully.

The doctor himself recorded a video of him running on the streets of Bangalore and posted on his social media. He received varied reactions from people commenting that it is an inspirational move to few of them also calling him attention seeking. In an interview he answered to another news channel, he said that he left on time and his assistants made everything ready for the surgery. The traffic was unexpected and he had to skip the traffic to save her on time. It was also said that this was the second time the doctor had to run, escaping traffic for a surgery.

This incident leaves Bengaluru wondering if the city’s infrastructure and traffic is really that bad. It required a doctor to run 3 km to save a life. Few areas of the city that are always traffic logged are the Sarjapur-Maratahalli road, Central Silk Board junction and roads where the IT hub is located. Furthermore, the disastrous rains made the roads and commute even more difficult. The only way to avoid this is to make better roads and control traffic within the city limits. Next time people of authority don’t have to run to complete their duty and at a present situation more people like Dr.Govind are required to keep humanity alive.

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