Bike taxis to resurface on Bengaluru streets once again

Bike taxis which initially started off earlier this year were taken back as auto drivers held a protest. They were unhappy with the introduction of bike taxis as it reduces their business. Due to these protests the government had to retake these bike taxis off the roads. Now again, these bike taxis are ready to come back to the road again. The transport corporation had also stopped Ola and Uber from releasing bike taxis in Bengaluru due to license issues. However, Rapido continued to provide bike taxi services which works as a cheaper alternative than auto rickshaws.

Recently the trend changed from, autorickshaws on roads to now autorickshaws through apps. Various auto service providers such as Ola, Uber and Rapido(the most popular) are constantly activating auto bookings through apps. This has already caused trouble to auto drivers who drive without any app bookings. Adding on to this is the introduction of bike taxis. The reason behind the switch of passengers from road autos to app autos is because of the pricing system and safety issues. These regular autos do not even abide by the meter and this causes paasengers to shift to the apps.

β€œOnline auto services are really convenient due to their ease of booking. The service is prompt and there is no hassle of driving in Bangalore traffic. These days the modes of payment are also quite flexible adding to a good experience of travelling in the city.”

A college student who regularly travels using these apps services

Apart from a recent addition of bike taxis, self-drive bikes were already prevalent in the society. With the introduction of bike taxis will it boost employment opportunities or will it destroy work opportunities? The answer to this will be answered in time when bike taxis rule the transportation mean on the roads of Bengaluru.

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