Bengaluru sees sunlight after two weeks of continuous rain

On Friday, Bengaluru witnessed rays of sunlight after two weeks of continuous rainfall. The city had been receiving heavy rainfall since the last week of August. Bengaluru’s rainfall, characterized by continuous rain for short intervals. The rainfall had become so severe that a flood like situation happened in east Bengaluru and yellow alerts were issued. Google maps in Bengaluru also introduced a feature to alert travelers about the flood areas in the cities. Since Thursday the rainfall reduced and the flood situation has come under control. Netizens took to social media to share their concerns over the rainfall.

Memes abuzzed twitter and instagram about the heavy rainfall. While some took the memes lightly and reshared them, few of the citizens backlashed at people who called Bengaluru a horrible place to live in. Few netizens also trolled people who made the memes about the weather of the city. They were questioned about how if other cities faced floods, people were asked to pray but if Bengaluru faced floods, it was made fun of. This debate continued for a while and other state people living in Bengaluru also made fun of the city. Once the rains stopped, the memes stopped too.

The flood situation in Bengaluru
Pc: Mint- The flood situation in Bengaluru

Effect of the rains on the city

The maximum affected areas were East Bengaluru covering areas such as bellandur, yemalur and ecospace. Residents blamed it on the poor infrastructure for drainage and the barriers beside lakes. Epsilon is a popular gated community in that area. It was flooded and houses were filled with water. People residing in that area were seen booking hotel rooms for their families for long periods of time, unaware when the rain would subside.

Since Thursday the rains have stopped continuously and there are just short periods of rain usually in the evening, while mornings are still sunny. This year every season has been delayed and these rains are mostly to end once the winter sets in.

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