Bangalore welcomes Sadhguru to honour the Save Soil Campaign along with Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.Β 

On Sunday 23rd June at the Palace Grounds Bangalore, Isha foundation signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Karnataka Government as part of their Save Soil campaign. Spiritual leader Jaggi Vasudev popularly known as Sadhguru exchanged MoU documents with Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai in the presence of Health Minister K Sudhakar, Education Minister B C Nagesh and former CMΒ  B S Yediyurappa.Β 

Pledging to save soil CM Bommai said β€œI promise we will do everything under our control to save the soil”. Karnataka has set aside Rs. 100 Cr for the environment budget inspired by the event.Β 

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Isha foundation has been studying soil of 193 nations and the organization has made separate β€œSave Soil” policies for all the 193 nations. This is based on theΒ  characteristics ofΒ  each countries and handed those documents over to those countries. Save Soil Policy Handbook offers scientific and practical solutions that can be put into action according to the soil type, latitudinal positions and agricultural traditions. So far, 74 nations have agreed to execute the plan and signed the MoU. Save Soil campaign received international support from organizations such as The United Nations Conventions on Combat Desertification. The United Nations Environment Program and the International Union of Conservation of Nature.Β 

Karnataka have officially become the 8th Indian state to join the international campaign to β€œsave soil”. Jaggi Vasudev said the Minimum Organic Quantity in the soil should be atleast 3 percent according to the UN organizations. Northern Europe have the highest with 1.48 percent but none of the countries have reached the optimal target yet. Whereas, India stands at 0.68 percent which is dangerously low and a drop from 1 percent marks the beginning of Desertification. This will also affect food production, hence India must act now before it’s too late. Isha foundation has suggested to the Government to give incentives to the farmers to improve soil health. Karnataka government has included the Kaveri Shout program to promote tree based farming model that will help agriculture.Β 

Education Minister BC Nagesh announced that in the coming years school textbooks will incorporate lessons on the importance of soil and soil conservation. He also reminded that former CM of Karnataka B SΒ  Yediyurappa had promoted organic farming during his tenure, reported The Indian Express.Β The spiritual leader took partΒ  in 593 events held in the last 94 days covering 27,854 kms on his solo bike journey. ater in the evening he had reached his hometown Mysore where he addressed the gathering at theΒ  amphitheater of University of Mysore.Β 

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