Assam floods claim 100 lives

Assam floods

Assam received severe rainfall leading the city to floods at the end of May. The floods have continued for a month claiming more than 100 lives. Around 50 lakh people have been affected in these floods due to loss of shelter and lives. The city is facing a shortage in food and drinking water. There has been electricity shortage too said sources. Silchar, a main city in Assam has been the most affected and received continuous rainfall for over 48 hours. An embankment breach also occurred in the city which led to further flooding.

GD Tripathi, the chief executive of the Assam State Disaster Management Authority stated that the situation was improving since last Wednesday. The chief minister of Assam has been visiting the flood affected areas to assess the situation. The 100 people that died include children, adults and even teenagers. PM Modi tweeted that evacuation operations are being conducted in Assam and all the ministers of the state are trying their best to overcome this situation. He also tweeted that Army and NDRF officials are present at the location and trying to help them at the location. He tweeted the same in both Bengali and English.

Narendra Modi’s tweet about assam floods

Previous experiences with Assam floods

Assam has always been a flood prone area for a really long time. The first incident of floods recorded in Assam was in 2013. After that Assam received floods every year- 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. The longest lasting floods were however during 2016 and 2018.

Since Assam has always been prone to floods, they have a way of getting back from them. The 2022 floods have also been similar and GD Tripathi said that the citizens of the city are carrying out the flood management issues appropriately. Few cities like Silchar are still in a critical state but are sure to come back assure few officials. Hopefully the city of Assam get over the flood situation and embrace themselves for next year.

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