Are you afraid of corona ?

covid 19 teeth

Here you have the answer , and the answer is just protect your teeth !!!

Yes it’s true! Our ancestors said that keeping teeth clean is very important it can protect us from many diseases.

According to latest studies of American academy of Peridentology said that β€œcleaning our teeth and mouth can reduce chances of getting corona β€œ.

 Fresh mouth

can always reduce causing of corona . There is a relationship between the mouth and lungs so by this we can say that keep clean of mouth we can avoid corona.

The main thing is Corona is majorly causing for the people who are suffering from dental problems. And that too who are not having the dental problems are recovering quickly from covid but the people who are having dental problems they are suffering from covid for a long while when compared to normal ones (without dental problems).

The most important thing is the covid second wave showed clearly that major cases are from dental problems . vastunna mucormycosis is the fungus that causes covid and let the patient to suffer for long time . Mainly this vastunna mucormycosis

fungus occurs in gum problems. So we should brush twice a day and we should gargle the warm water regular (nearly five times a day). And finally brushing twice and gargling the warm water can keep us mostly away from covid .

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