Another rape case in Hyderabad: Second in the past 20 days

A 17 year old was raped in the Jubilee hills area of Hyderabad on May 28th. The issue came to light on Friday when the victim and her parents filed a case at the police station. The 17 year old (name unknown) was returning back home from a party at a pub when this incident occurred. There have been 5 accused as of now who all belong to very influential families. The accused are also either minors or boys who have just turned 18. The investigation has been sincerely happening and the Hyderabad police have already arrested two off the five accused.

The police enquired with the victim’s family on why there was a delay in the complaint. They said the victim was in a state of shock and unable to reveal any details. They also mentioned that they started investigation only after the victim revealed all details said sources. The police have not revealed the full statement of the victim as yet but according to the police, this is how the event unfolded.

The 17 year old girl attended a birthday party on the evening of 28th May near the jubilee hills area of Hyderabad. The five accused boys were travelling in an Innova car and offered to drop the girl back home from the pub. The assault happened in the car and they then dropped the girl off at a pastry shop. The accused switched cars at the pastry shop according to few sources. The 17 year old girl, then contacted her father who noticed marks on her neck when he came to pick her up. The girl failed to reveal any information as she was in a state of shock.

Two days later a complaint was filed by the father at the police station, stating that his daughter had been sexually assaulted. He also stated that she had been to a day time non-alcoholic party. The police enquired the girl who remained silent. Two days later the girl revealed a detailed account to two lady police after which the investigation began.

The latest account of the case is that four out of the five accused have been arrested. As there was a delay in the complaint and arrests, the accused are absconding. The police are on a lookout for the last accused. All the five of them are identified to be from VIP families and even the car that the assault happened in is said to belong to an MLA according to few sources. The police are confident of arresting the other accused in a day or two. This case is the second rape case in Hyderabad. The other case was of a veterinarian who was assaulted on May 20th.

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