A student in Kallakurichi commits suicide

Srimathi and the school she studied in

A 17 year old girl from Kallakurichi was found dead in her hostel room. She was identified as Srimathi. In a suicide note, the girl mentioned her maths teacher and her hostel warden responsible for her death. Her hostel mates found her dead from her room after classes. The parents moved the court in this matter and the court has ordered for a re post mortem for Srimathi. In a recent move the court arrested her maths teacher, hostel warden, and her school authorities. The cause of her death is still unknown and the case is being argued at the court.

This is the second incident of a school girl committing suicide in Tamil Nadu in the past six months. Twitter netizens and general public were agitated by the death of Srimathi. They took protests and cries of justice were heard throughout Tamil Nadu and India. The protests turned so severe that protestors happened to visit the school and started breaking their infrastructure and demanding justice for the girl’s death. According to the initial autopsy, Srimathi was found dead due to hemorrhage and a shock due to multiple injuries. Her family members denied this and a second post mortem is being conducted. A chemical test result is yet to arrive.

Such incidents in Tamil Nadu have been prevalent in the state but haven’t been noticed by the general public. The previous incident too was of a class 12 student Pontharani. She also named one of her teachers in her suicide note. Injustice prevailing in schools is unheard of and the last step that these poor girls take is to name them in a suicide note. Schools and colleges must have stricter implementation of rules. This should include student-teacher relationships and prevent such untoward incidents from happening again.

Further progress in this case is yet to happen as the parents and court are still awaiting for the second postmortem result.

Protestors outside Srimathi's school
Protestors outside Srimathi’s school

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