70 years of reign- A platinum jubilee for Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II, the current queen of the Britain recently celebrated her 70th anniversary of her reign. This 70th year is celebrated as the platinum jubilee. The celebrations in Britain are filled with colour and pomp. The citizens and other volunteers conducted welfare programs and events throughout the country. Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee celebrations began on June 2nd. It also commemorated the date she took over the throne after the death of her father. Celebrations had been taken care of by the citizens as people from the royal family have refrained from attending the celebrations.

The queen herself said that she might be unavailable during the celebrations due to her personal commitments. On behalf of her Prince Charles, her son and Prince William, her grandson are to carry out the ceremonial procedures. The queen’s second son Prince Andrew, her grandson Prince Harry along with his wife Meghan Markle, are not expected to attend the celebration.

Celebrations planned for the queen’s platinum jubilee

The celebrations planned for the queen’s platinum jubilee include all the events, welfare programs and some special programs. There was a Trooping the Colour military parade in Central London. For the first time the queen was all set to take the salute from 1500 soldiers from the Buckingham palace balcony. Even gun salutes from the royal navy in the country and mid sea have been arranged for. Beacons were lit in the evening throughout Britain and the queen lit the Principal Platinum Jubilee Beacon at her Windsor Castle home. The royal family then held a Thanksgiving service at a cathedral and then attended a derby the next day.

Buckingham palace was the prime location for all the celebratory events such as a concert, parties and few jubilee lunches that were held. The public held few exhibitions on behalf of the celebrations. The 96 year old queen just celebrated her 70th year of reign with such grand celebrations, will the next celebration be the queen’s 100th birthday?

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