16 year old dies after eating road side Shawarma

A 16 year old girl in Kerala died after consuming road side Shawarma. The girl consumed Shawarma from a road side shop in Cheruvathur district, Kerala. She was admitted to the hospital and later died on May 1. Following this incident health officials raided multiple eateries selling Shawarma in Kerala. Officials also recorded 58 people ill after eating Shawarma at the same eatery. A similar incident occurred in Thanjavur district of Tamil nadu. Three students were admitted to the nearest hospital because of food poisoning due to Shawarma. Health officials in Tamil Nadu raided restaurants and took over 10 kg of stale chicken from the restaurants. This stale chicken was used to prepare the Shawarma and this led to food poisoning of the children. Doctors said the three children are currently stable.

Shawarma has been banned temporarily in Kerala following raids conducted by officials. The ban will continue until the restaurants ensure hygiene and cleanliness in their food making process. A similar incident had happened in Kochi 10 years earlier. The ban was taken back later. As Shawarma mostly attracts students within the age group of 10-20, they are the most affected by the ban. After the 16 year old died, a mob attacked the eatery with stones and also set a van on fire. The van belonged to the eatery. The owner of the eatery is absconding and two people associated with him are arrested.

Shawarma is a favorite among many non-vegetarians, but what really is a Shawarma.

What is a Shawarma?

Shawarma is a dish that originated in Arabia. It is made out of thin meat slices or chicken and then left on a vertical cone to roast. It is a slow cooking process and is highly loved by all. The Shawarma is served with other items like bread, rotis or anything that it can be served with. Doctors say that there are also certain bacteria present in Shawarma which is unhealthy for the body.

The temporary ban in Kerala is getting mixed responses. 58 people are still in the hospital even though doctors have claimed they are stable. Two south indian states have seen the effect of Shawarma. Whether this particular street food will continue to be produced is still a matter of doubt.

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