12th PUC student and his ways of coping up with boards

The 12th PUC board exams in Karnataka began on April 22nd starting with business studies. It ends on May 18th. In an interaction with a student before their chemistry exam, a 12th PUC student speaks to The InTimes about the ways of coping up with boards.

A student named Anupam Kumar, currently writing his boards in a college in south Bangalore interacted with us before his chemistry exam. He says he is cool and readily prepared for the exam he is going to write. On enquiring about how he feels about the switch between online and offline classes, he quoted β€œOnline was a bit difficult to concentrate, it was difficult to interact with teachers whereas offline is cool.”

Effect of COVID-19 on the board exams

Due to the effect of COVID-19 on the world, board exams stopped happening and the entire education system switched to online. We also asked Anupam if the number of offline classes were sufficient before exams. He said it was sufficient. Offline classes started late and so we asked him for the duration of his online classes. Anupam said he attended for nearly 8 to 9 months. There was a shift between offline and online exams for the past two years and it was difficult for students to adjust. We asked Anupam if he prefers offline exam or online exam. He quoted β€œOffline exams are better, it is definitely better than online exams because people copy and then we have to score more than them without copying. So I would definitely prefer offline exams instead of online.”

Last year batch students were upset as the hard-work they put in was in vain. Asking if Anupam would react the same way he said, he would react the same way. He also said that writing exams is the best way to check yourself. It is heartbreaking when effort is put and they cancel exams.

Students are tired of being at home and they automatically prefer offline exams. Not only is it a traditional way of writing exams, it is also hassle free. Exams are only a way of testing and so it matters very less if classes are online or offline. Interaction with a 12th PUC student and his ways of coping up with boards helps us analyse the students point of view on boards. Wishing Anupam and all the other 2nd PUC students all the best for their remaining exams.

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